The Evolution of Toy Overlord, Megalopolis and Premium DNA Toys

The Beginning

Statement of Operations from TOI’s first Schedule C for operations from inception in September 2017 through end of year 2018.
Description of operating results taken from TOI’s second Schedule C for fiscal year 2019.


Portrait of Matt Westover as it appeared originally on the Start Engine campaign. He is wearing a blue jacket and a grey baseball cap.
Matt Westover, President/CEO & Founder of Toy Overlord, Inc.

Our mascot, THE TOY OVERLORD, has no face or fixed identity and can neatly blend into any marketing or product category. In essence, we are building our own fandom that engulfs other toy fandoms.

The Fall of Megalopolis

Out of 173 respondents, 58.4% had an “awful” experience with Megalopolis.

We’ve heard your feedback and overhauled our policies. Below are a few key updates (see our complete list of policies here

Cancellations/Refunds Cancel your order and receive a refund with no hassle on any pre-shipped order

No Re-Stocking Fees — Pre-orders, payment plans, and returns are free of any additional fees, regardless of circumstance

Returns — Megalopolis will cover return shipping for damaged, defective and mistaken items (shipping insurance not necessary)

We are currently onboarding our inventory with logistics experts Shipmonk

Our partnership will allow for inexpensive, fast, and precise shipping

The in-stock items that surface on throughout the November and onward are ready to ship from one of Shipmonk’s warehouses

Customer: So my buddy got a refund on his madballs order, he didn’t cancel so whats happening there ? [sic]

Ben Westover: [redacted customer name] we just parted ways with in favor of a better payment plan option and they did that automatically. We still have orders locked in and can assist in setting up new plans.

Megalopolis has unfortunately been unresponsive to our inquiries since the beginning of the new year. We have also had an increase in customer complaints and disputes due to non-delivery, failure to process refunds that were promised, and overall lack of response from Megalopolis Support. Due to this negligence, we have canceled and refunded all unfulfilled orders.

I have not promoted Megalopolis in a long time. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people about them making an order with M and them not getting their figure, or them just not getting their money back from the figure they never received.

I absolutely do NOT have a current financial relationship with Megalopolis and have not had one for quite some time.

Despite massive growth and success, Megalopolis strayed from its original vision in order to work within the confines of the system as it exists, only to find there were those they trusted that would still make attempts to see them run out of business entirely.

As Megalopolis weathered this storm, we had to ask ourselves what we wanted to accomplish, and who we wanted to be. Did we simply want to rebuild with new vendors, and keep playing the same game? Or did we want to remember what brought us to the dance in the first place: a passion for creativity and a desire to elevate the hobby.

The decision was clear. As such, Megalopolis is going back to its roots to create something entirely new and different. The new Megalopolis will focus on the independent creators and voices in the world of toys and collectibles. The heart and soul of creative passion.

The Relaunch of Premium DNA

Premium DNA Toys Facebook page profile picture from September 30th, 2020 thru November 15th, 2020. The logo is a stylized rendering of the hooded, faceless head of the Toy Overlord mascot in metallic gold colors. Marketing images would include this logo in different colors, including silver and purple, as evidenced on Wayback Machine archives of
The new double-helix logo.

In early 2020, members of the Megalopolis Creative team, having grown frustrated with the limitations of merely retailing others’ products, formed a new entity focused on creating action figures based on niche retro toy and video game properties. This new company was styled “Premium DNA Toys.”

The decision was made to co-brand with Megalopolis initially due to Megalopolis being an established multi-million dollar global brand. Moving forward, the 2 brands will continue to operate independently, with Megalopolis offering real time updates on Premium DNA properties.

Payment Plans are Available via ViaBill — On the checkout page, select “ViaBill” under “Payment”. You will be redirected to ViaBill to enter your information, then return to Megalopolis after completing your purchase (only 25% is due at checkout).

User 1: No connection to megalopolis right? — March 30th

@ToysDNA replying to User 1: Correct. Premium DNA is its own separate company. Megalopolis will have a link to our page since there are folks who will be looking for them there, but we will be handling all orders ourselves including those originally place with them. — March 30th

User 2 replying to @ToysDNA: hahahahaha you lying sack of crap. Megalopolis is owned by your brother and you started Premium DNA together. You have interviews stating it. — April 2nd

@ToysDNA replying to User 2: — April 2nd

User 2 replying to User 1: Ben Westover runs Premium DNA, thats probably whos running this twitter account now. His brother Matt is the owner of Megalopolis. Ben often lists himself as the Co-founder of Mega as well. … — April 2nd

Remaining Questions

There’s a few collectibles companies that do a great job, and there’s a lot that frankly don’t. So you have to prove yourself to earn trust, and also differentiate yourself to offer something different than what’s already available.



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